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10 Expert Tips for Buying Wallpaper

When paint just isn't enough, wallpaper is a terrific solution to create a focal point and add some texture to any space.

Here are 10 Expert Tips to keep in mind the next time you buy wallpaper:

  1. Always buy samples. Spending $100 on samples will save you from spending thousands of dollars on a print you end up hating. This also allows you to compare the wallpaper to the rest of your theme to ensure it matches, tastefully color clashes or simply doesn't go.

  2. Measure twice, order ONCE. Wallpaper is sold in American and European (Metric) Rolls. It's very important that you consult with a customer service representative and have them assist you with the proper way to measure your space for the wallpaper you chose. If you don't buy enough wallpaper and have to order more, you risk getting your second batch from a different run and the colors may not match perfectly.

  3. Always ask if the wallpaper is packed in single or double rolls to prevent accidentally ordering too little or even too much product— which typically cannot be returned.

  4. By not deducting for windows, doors or other uncovered spaces, you will be sure to order enough wall covering to complete the room the first time.

  5. When wallpapering a bathroom, look at waterproof and water resistant options such as vinyl. Alternatively, if you absolutely fall in love with a pattern you must have, you can use Decorator's Varnish to protect the wallpaper. Packed with fade and water resistant properties, this clear varnish protects your wallpaper against stains, scuffs and soaks, even helping prevent any algae, mildew or fungi from penetrating your paper. Make sure you use a reputable brand and read reviews.

  6. The scale of the pattern can completely change your room's dynamics. A larger scale print makes a room feel more intimate while a smaller pattern gives the illusion of more space and light.

  7. DIY is great but if you have never installed wallpaper before there is no shame in having it done by a professional. It can actually save you money by having it done right the first time. Plus the finished look will be super polished.

  8. During installation, make sure each strip properly lines up so the pattern connects. Nothing is more jarring to the eye when you see part of a leaf connecting to a part of bird because the installer didn't take the time to line up the image correctly.

  9. If you feel the room is missing something but can't quite figure it out, wallpapering the ceiling in a beautiful neutral grass cloth or a bold pattern can add depth to the space.

  10. Have fun! The beauty of wallpaper is you can change it in a few years without a gut renovation. How we design greatly affects our mood, productivity and functionality so be fearless and explore until you find what truly moves you.


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